Service Introduction

  1. Patients who are the foreigner and have no Taiwan health insurance.
  2. Patients who have Taiwan health insurance should sign a letter of authorization for self-pay and will be charged according to the charge rates of international medical service center.
  1. A case officer will be assigned to accompany you during the whole process.
  2. We can arrange a special outpatient appointment with the physician of your choice.
  3. We offer a priority registration of admission service to reduce your waiting time.
  4. We can pre-schedule your examinations or laboratories according to your attending physician's prescription.
  5. We offer a separate service lane to avoid long queues.
  1. outpatient appointment registration
  2. admission registration
  3. written-consultation/tele-consultation
  4. health examination reservation
  5. interpretation/translation
  6. medical/insurance documents application
  7. visa application
  8. examination/laboratory registration
  9. accommodation reservation/transportation ticket booking

Please check the service flow and fill the application/registration form according to your medical requirement, our coordinator will contact you directly and assist your medical journey. However, please contact us one week before your arrival as possible as you can, so we can properly schedule  your medical care arrangement.

  1. Charges for outpatient appointment
    - Registration: TWD $300
    - Consultation: TWD $1,200
    - Drugs, special examinations, laboratories, treatments fee will be charged separately.
  2. Charges for Inpatient / Hospitalization
    - ward fee: TWD $1,817~$14,000 per day
    - Drugs, special examinations, laboratories, treatment, physician consulting, nursing care, operation, catering and other medical fees will be charged separately.
We Chat

dedicated phone line:+886-921810819

We Chat

dedicated phone line:+886-921810819

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